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Whether you are just beginning your search for a career or would like a career change after many years, ​it is possible to find a career that you truly enjoy.  In my practice, I utilize evidenced based tools, personality assessments and occupational categories to match individuals with career options.  One approach that I use is the trait-and-factor model which includes working on the knowledge of the self and aptitudes and interests, knowledge of jobs and matching you with the work. Our work together also involves gaining a greater perspective on your identity, values, and genuine interests.

Career can be defined as the total work one does in a lifetime plus leisure.  A person oftentimes spends more time at work than they do anywhere else.  Most studies show that students would like more help with career planning.  Research indicates that 50% of all college students struggle with career choices.  One in five workers lands a job based on chance and 60% of all workers would like more information about the world of work if they had to do it all over again.  

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